There is something special about hand-crafted wood furniture that adds an extra element of warmth to a home that generic or factory made furniture just can’t compare with. As a master craftsman and cabinet maker, I have had the opportunity to see that look of joy on a customer’s face many times when they first set eyes on a custom piece they’ve ordered from me. You don’t get that when you shop at the factory or the mall. You also won’t be privy to the designer’s or builder’s name or even where that piece of mall furniture or factory furniture was built.

My name is Tom Francois and I am your point of contact, your customer service representative, and your cabinet maker. I don’t have a staff of thousands mass producing duplicates of a design that I drew on my computer. I always sketch everything on paper and I build it myself. Since I love what I do and there seems to be a healthy demand for my services, I see no reason to change that. I have a number of references from satisfied customers who will tell you that my system works just fine. Some of the furniture I’ve built for their homes is portrayed in this website.

Everyone who does business with me meets me in person at the beginning of the process when I come out to take measurements, and then again at the end when I come back to install the finished product. I make sure that I’m available to you throughout the job and you’re welcome to come by and visit the shop anytime to see the progress on your cabinets or just to sit down and chat for a few minutes. My clients, even the famous ones, are all like family to me and are welcome anytime. 

If all of this sounds familiar, it is probably because this is the way that our parents and grandparents did business. Wood workers, cabinet makers, and carpenters were respected artisans back then, masters of their craft who could build wonderful creations from wood that no one else could begin to construct. Like those craftsmen of old, I consider myself an artist. Each piece I create is special to me because I know it will be special to you when it graces your home. The smile on your face when I deliver it will tell me all I need to know about how you feel about it. 

“From My hands to Your Home”. That sums up what you can expect from me. We can exchange ideas by phone, fax, and email. I can come out and see where you want to put the new cabinetry and take some measurements. We can talk in person about expectations and you can even show me pictures of similar cabinetry that you’d like me to emulate. Ultimately, the final product will be an original Tom Francois creation. My time and effort go into each piece and my name is the guarantee that you need to ensure it’s the very best custom-made cabinetry you can buy. 

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